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Although Mitchel Lee Insurance consultants specialise in commercial business insurance we are also available to assist with personal insurance products such as car insurance and houshold insurance.


Why shouldn’t I use a comparison sites for personal insurance?

Many people choose to purchase personal insurance online nowadays, however it is still possible to obtain competitive personal insurance products from your local insurance broker or consultant.

Not only that, but we can give you the best advice and make sure that you’re correctly covered.

Although the premiums on comparison sites can save some people money on their insurance it is unlikely that comparison sites are suitable for all consumers.

Like a financial advisor your insurance advisor is there to assist you in purchasing the correct policy for you and your family.

Unfortunately there is rarely any human intervention with comparison sites and therefore this does not give you the advice about which product is best for you or what you really need to insure.


There are numerous benefits to using your local broker:

With access to over 100 different insurance providers Mitchel Lee can offer competitive terms for most types of car and home insurance policies.

Our quotations come from the majority of leading insurers and in many cases the same insurers that are found on the increasingly popular insurance comparison sites.


– We give you the right advice about the insurance products

– Make sure you’re covered for what you need, and avoid any nasty surprises later on

– We’ll be there to assist you every step of the way, if you have to make a claim.

– Help you with changes to your policy

– Have many years experience in the insurance industry…..we have over 20 years!


If you would like to find out if Mitchel Lee Insurance Consultants can help you save money on your car or home insurance then please contact us today.